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Duck Crimper- Shanghai Changqing Linz Tools

Shanghai Changqing Linz Tools Co., Ltd. specializes in developing, manufacturing and distributing electrical engineering tools in China. Our company has developed over 8 series and 60 models of products in the last 10 years, including cable cutters, cable crimpers and cable strippers, under directio...

Shanghai · Shànghai
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Nanjing Fubang Chemical

NANJING FUBANG CHEMICAL is a leading global supplier and manufacturer company in china. Our company supplies 2 -butanol which is recently used as an industrial solvent and in cleaning agents which is of the best quality.

Nanjing · Jiangsu
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Steel CLIK Limited

CLIK is a solution provider for sectors including mining, ports, construction machinery, defense, etc. CLIK is equipped with intergraded manufacturing facilities in the cities of Ningbo, Changzhou and Suqian, engaged in steel rolling, track shoes production and lubricated tracks assembly. 

Shanghai · Shànghai
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Anhui YALAN Seal Component Co., Ltd.

YALAN Mechanical Seals, fully named as Anhui YALAN Seal Component Co., Ltd., and with this new name, was founded in 2001 (factory was founded in 1993) as a national high technology enterprise. With over 26 years of design and production experiences in mechanical seal component industry, YALAN has be...

Chuzhou Shi · Anhui
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Jiangsu Rhyl Electrics Technology Co., Ltd.

Let RHYL TECH caters to your needs for basic battery requirements. We are the most trusted battery provider based in China. We are committed to delivering a highly advanced range for Warehousing Logistics Equipment. Visit us and explore our collection for in-depth understanding.  

Zhangjiagang Shi · Jiangsu
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PCB Board Assembly

Fuchuangke Technology is one of the leading PCB producer and manufacturer in Shenzhen China. We specialize in production of rigid and rigid-flex PCBs from single-sided to multi-layer, HDI boards, MCPCBs and PCB Assembly with low-to-high volumes. For More Info call us on +86-755-2322-6648

Shanyin Xian · Shanxi
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Custom Molded Polyurethane Parts | Compression Molded Urethane | Pepsenpu

Polyurethane parts are widely used in versatile industries. They are customized according to specific working environment. If you are searching not only an experienced polyurethane manufacturer in molded polyurethane products and technology, but also someone who can offer economical polyurethan...

Jiading Xian · Shànghai
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Sino Cement Spare Parts Supplier Co., Ltd

Sino Cement Spare Parts Supplier Co., Ltd, as a specialized cement plant spare part provider, is committed to offer you equipment and spares for all stages of cement manufacturing like Stacker and Reclaimer, Crusher, Raw Mill, heat exchanger, Kiln, Cooler, Cement Mill, (Vertical Mill & Ball Mill...

Xiamen Shi · Fújiàn
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Sasinno is one of the best selective soldering machine manufacture. With more than 10 years soldering process experience, Sasinno really know customer’s pain. In Sasinno’s products, we convert our experiences of soldering to programmable & traceable software’s design, reduce so...

Dongguan Shi · Guangdong
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Casing Pipe Manufacturers Supplier

The WEATHEROCK GROUP is the best company due to their quality service and product. They believe in customer satisfaction. With their expert technicians and quality production level, they are the best company of steel pipes, beam and construction requirements, and services. Their business is involved...

Beilun Qu · Zhèjiang
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Sanforce Technology Shenzhen Co.,Ltd 

Sanforce is a manufacturer specializing in emergency conversion kits for LED and fluorescent lighting since 2013.We cooperate with valuable supply chain, inspect all the incoming materials and set up strict product assurance system, such as SMT, Auto Aging test, Simulation test during our production...

Shenzhen Shi · Guangdong
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Xiamen Joston Trade Co. Ltd

Xiamen Joston Trade Co. Ltd took birth in the 2002 and now it has become the most reputed and professional manufacturer, exporter of natural stones in China and Fujian Province. we can offer competitive products at reliable rates. Most of the stones we provide are quarried in China like the pop...

Xiuning Xian · Fújiàn
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